Leon Bibb offers his perspective on October baseball and the pride we have for the Indians

Posted at 8:25 PM, Oct 05, 2017

It began in the spring, perhaps when we needed it most, coming off the long winter of waiting for another chance at a World Series championship. A story of Cleveland Indians Baseball which has long tugged at my heartstrings. Probably yours too. We Clevelanders were stellar last year, grabbing the American League pennant. But we pulled up just a bit short in the World Series.

Who was it who said, "hope springs eternal." Whoever penned the phrase was right. In this season of 2017, hope led us. Talent took us. The Cleveland Indians began in the spring and sprinted through summer. Matured and seasoned now, these hometown ballplayers have battled into autumn, setting records along the way. October baseball in Cleveland is really more than that. To reach this month means the team has run the marathon. This is a moving picture of the marathoners' talents.

So, we faithfully gather again. In Northeast Ohio, Cleveland Indians baseball is a religion of sorts. Certainly, this game is spirited. It tugs at our souls.

The Cleveland men on the field wear and bear our city name and nickname. They are part of us; we part of them. Autumn. The post season. We are still in play. Cleveland’s boys of summer have grown this season, maturing into the men of October. That in itself is cause for celebration.

So now, we will once again fill the cavernous ballpark where we will cheer on the home team. Last Autumn, we were so close to a World Series trophy. It was then we vowed we would return the next year to contend again. And so we have. Next year is here.