Rookie sensation Ryan Merritt and fiancée react to wedding registry going viral

Posted at 7:16 PM, Oct 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-20 19:18:49-04

He's now the fairytale story of the ALCS after helping lead the Indians to the World Series.

So, what's next for Ryan Merritt?

Instead of going to Disney World, the rookie starting pitcher and his fiancée have another fairytale in the making and Indians fans are helping them celebrate.

During Wednesday night's stellar performance, fans found Merritt's wedding registry online.

"Just the last thing we expected to happen from all of this," said Sarah Brushaber, Merritt's fiancée.

Apparently nothing says 'way to rock it on the mound' like a non-stick rolling pin.

Brushaber asked her father "is this real?" when he told her grateful Indians fans were now buying them gifts from their wedding registry.

"I was asking my parents this morning, I was like, has anything actually shown up"

The couple, set to tie the knot in January was shocked to see their registry going viral.

"The essentials. Stuff you'll need when you get married, said Merritt."

Sarah admits at first their wish list was just that - essentials. That's when her sister-in-law stepped in. 

"My registry had an $8 toaster and just like the bare essentials, so she actually really helped me out and told me to register at Pottery Barn," added Brushaber.

Both Ryan and Sarah say the kind gestures go a long way and say a lot about Clevelanders.

"They've been awesome. Everybody is just so nice, so supportive, said Merritt."

"It's just cool that they care about Ryan's personal life besides his career," added Brushaber.

While being thrown into the spotlight has been quite a shock to his system, Ryan said he is just having fun with it all and he's happy his Fiance is along for the ride.

 "I'm just grateful that she's here and is supporting me and I get to have her by my side. She's there for when I'm struggling, when I'm doing good. She really cares about my career," said Merritt.