Tribe fan, 95, brought to tears as he visits home of Cleveland Indians — League Park

Posted at 12:47 PM, Nov 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-03 12:47:39-04

It's the story of a tried-and-true Tribe fan brought to tears. But it has nothing to do with his beloved team making it to Game 7 of the World Series. 

Instead, the 95-year-old got quite the opportunity Wednesday. 

It was a magical moment as a man pushing the century mark walked out onto a field of dreams — a field where some of baseball's biggest names made history. 

It's something Nate Madvid dreamed of doing as a little kid. 

"I could run the bases, if I could," he told News 5 while walking out onto the field at League Park, home to the Cleveland Indians until 1946.

The Tribe won the World Series there in 1920. Madvid was born a year later. 

"There aren't too many people that are left like me," he said. 

The Indians returned to the World Series in 1948 and Madvid was there for Game 5. He paid just $6.25. 

"But that was a lot at the time too," he said. 

Fast forward 68 years and the Tribe are on the cusp of clinching another world championship. 

"It'll make my life complete," Madvid said. 

Regardless of the outcome, for Nate and his family, the World Series journey is definitely a winner. 

"To experience this now is an absolute dream come true," said Madvid's daughter Rochelle. 

She said being able to return to the ballpark is a defining moment for her dad. She could tell when they pulled up. 

"He just lit up like the when he stood in line at League Park to get a ticket."

As much as he loves his Indians, Madvid let News 5 in on a secret Wednesday.

He said while watching Game 5 in Chicago, he hoped the Tribe would lose, just so they could clinch the World Series here at home.