About that game: Marla Ridenour breaks down the most memorable moments of Cavs v. Celtics on March 1

BOSTON - Marla Ridenour, Cavs beat reporter for our partners Akron Beacon-Journal and Ohio.com, says March 1 was "Deron Williams' welcome-to-the-Cavaliers moment."

In her roundup of the game at TD Garden, Ridenour writes:

"LeBron James found Williams 'naked' in the short corner and fired him a pass for a 3-pointer that would have given the Cavs a one-point lead with 4.2 seconds on the clock."

Aside from the action on the court, Ridenour writes that one of the highlights of the night was actually off the court, when James "ran into Patriots coach Bill Belichick going for a rebound." He literally smacked into Belichick who was sitting under the basket with his girlfriend.

FINAL SCORE: Celtics win: 103-99 

Although the Cavs saw defeat, you'll want to read Ridenour's complete roundup of the action at TD Garden. Find her latest blog post here.