Local industrial designer in CA - True Cavs fan!

Posted at 10:45 PM, Jun 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-03 23:02:37-04

Travels landed him 2,500 of miles away. Nothing looks like Canton around here. Not even the gear fans wear.

"I’m not only a Cavs fan; I’m very much a Warriors hater," said David Whetstone.

David Whetstone is an industrial designer from Canton, Ohio, but now lives in California. His company put together a few things you may have heard of.

"We designed the fuel band for Nike," Whetstone said. They designed the X-Box 360, too.

“They're [The Warriors] arrogant. I can't watch Steph do his little shake thing. It makes me sick, it makes me super sick." Whetstone said.

A few days ago, he really fell out with folks. "I was rooting for the Thunder," he said.

We did find a touch of home, though. LeBron James is on the walls. David says the two go way back.

“I had high school teammates who played on LeBron’s summer team."

He's suffered heckling for a full season, and already, one game of the finals.

"I’m bummed about last night; I’m super nervous," Whetstone said. "If Cleveland won it would erase all those years. I remember watching the hit the Marlin’s (Florida baseball team) had."

Every other concept he's dreamt, came to pass. He hopes these plans will, too.