Cleveland Cavaliers watch party proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity

Posted at 6:00 AM, Jun 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-09 06:00:32-04

Cleveland fans are ‘All In’ to watch our beloved Cavs bring home another NBA title for the second year in the row. With the city riding a wave of excitement, fans are flocking to The Q to watch the away games at the Official Road Game Watch Parties. 

The Q held watch parties last year and raised nearly one million dollars in proceeds, which were all donated to several different local charities and non-profits in Cuyahoga County. This year the Cavs have decided to still donate all proceeds from watch party admissions, but this time giving all of the money to just one charity.

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The charity they chose was the Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity. 

For 29 years, Habitat for Humanity has been building and renovating homes for lower income families that live in the blighted neighborhoods of the Cleveland area. The Cavs, as well as Quicken Loans Arena, have collaborated with Habitat for Humanity numerous of times to continue revitalization efforts here in Cleveland. John Habat, Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity, said getting this money means that they are able to provide even more of Cleveland’s families with the gift of affordable homeownership.  

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Now, with the watch parties still going on, there’s no word yet on just how much money Habitat for Humanity will receive, but it is expected to be a very generous amount. 

“It takes money to do the type of work we're doing in Cleveland neighborhoods," Habat said about receiving the donation. 

While it was definitely a shock for the organization to even be considered for getting the watch party proceeds, Habitat is already planning ways in which the money could be spent.

Habitat for Humanity is already planning to renovate and build even more homes now because of this gift from the Cavs. 

“We’ve expressed our appreciation and we will continue to express our appreciation but the biggest thank you I think is to go into those neighborhoods and do the work,” said Habat.