Cavs tell Indians to do what they didn't against Toronto: 'Feel free to...take Games 3 & 4'

Posted at 2:54 PM, Jul 01, 2016

If you've checked the Indians' schedule lately, you might have experienced some Déjà vu.

This month the team has played Detroit, Atlanta and Toronto. 

Sound familiar? 

The Cavs played all three teams in their postseason before beating the Warriors in The Finals and ultimately earning the title of NBA champions.

So far, the Indians have swept the Tigers and the Braves. They also won the first game of the series against the Blue Jays.

The Indians tweeted a screen grab of their recent schedule and tagged the Cavaliers with the caption "Well then."

The Cavs tweeted back "Feel free to break the pattern and take games 3 and 4."

The team was, of course, referring to the games it lost against the Raptors in the conference finals.

Right now, the Indians are currently on a 13-game winning streak. That's the longest by any team this season and ties the longest win streak for the team since 1951.