Cavs to get new logo collection as Nike becomes NBA's official uniform provider for 2017-18 season

Posted at 4:09 PM, May 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-31 16:09:50-04

The NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers will have an updated look next season, thanks to a new logo collection announced on May 31.

According to the team, the new logos launching in the 2017-18 season will simplify and modernize the look of the Cavaliers brand.

Nike will become the NBA’s official uniform provider for the 2017-18 season, replacing Adidas.

"The Cavs worked with Nike, Inc. on the new designs to infuse the most popular existing features of the franchise’s brand identity with new designs that reflect the progress and success of the team and organization." --Cleveland Cavaliers

A press release from the Cavaliers says Nike and the team are creating a logo suite that will complement the look of the new Cavaliers uniforms which will be unveiled later this summer.

"In addition, as part of a recently announced partnership between the Cavaliers and Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Goodyear’s iconic Wingfoot logo will appear on the Cavs player jerseys," reads the press release.

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Key features:

  • The new Cavaliers logos will carry forward both the popular “C-Sword” and “C” logos from previous years, as well as the original expression of Cavaliers Wine & Gold, the team’s first colors in their inaugural 1970 season, which were re-introduced in 2010-11.
  • Navy remains a complimentary color, while black is officially introduced as a new and permanent addition to the Cavaliers color palette.
  • Black is a nod to the historic turning point in the 2016 NBA Finals when the Cavs wore their black-sleeved uniforms in games 5 and 7 of the NBA Finals when they beat the Warriors in Golden State. 
  • The new logo collection also includes a new wordmark, a new secondary shield logo, and a new global shield logo.

THE LOGOS (Source: Cleveland Cavaliers)

"The Cavaliers are modern-day champions who carry the 'sword' for Cleveland. The franchise demonstrates teamwork to conquer all challenges and defy all odds to prove anything is possible. The ‘All for One. One for All.’ spirit serves to unite our community with pride and confidence."

The C-Sword (above, far left): This logo carries forward the previous Cavaliers’ identity, undergoing two simple modifications: the subtle white accent in the hilt of the sword has been removed; and a consistent gold outline has been added around the sword. 

The “C” (second from left) stands for something bigger than the Cavaliers. It stands for Cleveland – a city united.

The Shield-Secondary (second from right) represents the Cavaliers commitment to Defend the Land. 

The Shield-Global (center) merges elements from across the logo suite into one united logo to capture Cleveland’s emergence and the Cavaliers prominent brand presence within the international marketplace.  

The new Wordmarks introduce an aggressive look that represents the substantial progress of the franchise. The new sharp edges of the Cleveland Cavaliers and CAVS typeface are inspired from notions of a defender and the motion of a sword.

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