Someone's wasting a lot of money in the misbegotten belief LeBron can be recruited with billboards

Posted at 1:35 PM, Feb 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-26 14:17:45-05

It seems every team wants LeBron, but not everyone can have him.

If you drive along I-480 in Cleveland,  you may see unwanted billboards located almost 7 miles from Quicken Loans Arena.

The billboards say the Philadelphia 76ers want LeBron James to leave his hometown to head out east to play in a city better known for its Philly cheesesteaks than its basketball team.

The first sign features "#23" in maroon with a crown on the court with four blue numbers, indicating the 76ers team.

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The second one several hundred feet away says "Complete The Process" and the third blatantly says "#PhillyWantsLeBron."

The signs, which will be up for three months, were created by Power Home Remodeling, a company based in Chester, Philadelphia.

The 76ers will be in town on Thursday night in a nationally televised game.