J.R. Smith social media account causes speculation among Cavs fans

Posted at 9:35 PM, Jun 21, 2017

It was right after Game 3 of the NBA Finals when Cleveland fell to the Warriors. What also made that night memorable, especially for fans who follow J.R. Smith on Twitter, was a tweet fired off from his account reading "Cavs in 7."

It was deleted a short time later but not before gaining thousands of retweets and a long conversation spilling over to the following day.

Cavs fans are already on edge after a major announcement coming from Dan Gilbert saying the Cleveland Cavaliers and General Manager David Griffin have mutually decided to part ways. Yet again, speculation and heartbreak rang through Cleveland, with an uncertainty of what the NBA draft holds for the Cavaliers franchise.

It happened again on Wednesday but this time from his Facebook account. 

Minutes later, the post was taken down with J.R. tweeting:

It's unclear what is going on with his social media accounts and who is responsible for the posts. For now, Cavs fans can be relieved at the reassurance from J.R. Smith that he is not leaving Cleveland's beloved team.