LeBron puts on a show for Leah Still

Posted at 11:58 AM, Jan 07, 2016

After LeBron James led the Cavs to a 121-115 win over the Washington Wizards, he admitted Leah Still's presence had a large affect on his performance. 

The daughter of NFL defensive tackle Devon Still was in the audience during the game, sporting her No. 23 jersey.

"I knew she was going to be there tonight, and her and Zhuri, my baby girl, are my two favorite women in the world," James said after the game, according to ESPN. "They're just unbelievable. I know my mom and my wife will be a little bit jealous, but they got to take a backseat to those two. Just her strength and her courage and what she's been through over the last few years, man, it's uplifting to all of us, and it's always great seeing her, for sure."

Devon posted a photo of Leah to his Instagram account, saying they went to the game so she could see "her favorite bball player" before her treatment.

Still announced last month that new medical tests showed no signs of cancer in his daughter.

She was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma in 2014 at age 4. 

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