LeBron James says his own turnovers contributed to Game 2 loss

Posted at 11:51 AM, Jun 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-06 11:51:44-04

LeBron James blames, in part, himself for the Cavs' loss to the Warriors in Oakland Sunday night.

"I got myself in a lot of trouble tonight personally," James said in a media conference after the 110-77 loss. "Turned the ball over way too much. And I said after Game 1 we just can't turn the ball over against a great team and expect to win. And I had basically half the turnovers."

The star player turned over the ball a total of seven times. Overall, the team had 18 turnovers.

"I think the game was at 28-22, I turned the ball over. Draymond got it and was able to hit I think Livingston for a dunk." 

He continued: "Even though we were still getting back in the game, it just slowed us down from that point on. We had the lead and it started with my turnover and I can't just be careless with the ball, especially in the paint where a lot of reaching and things of that nature happen."

The Cavs hope to catch a win over the Warriors at home on Wednesday. 

Watch more from the post game conference here.