LeBron James says it's his dream to own a team

Posted at 5:39 PM, Aug 17, 2016

LeBron James fulfilled one of his greatest dreams earlier this year. He brought a NBA championship to Cleveland.

But his goals certainly don't stop there.

The Cavs star made that clear while appearing on the "Open Run" podcast, under the new UNINTERRUPTED podcast network on Wednesday.

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"I would love to continue to give my knowledge to the game," James said. "I would love to be a part of a franchise—if not at the top. My dream is to actually own a team. I don't need to [be] fully hands-on. If I'm fortunate enough to own a team, then I'll going to hire the best GM and president that I can. But I feel like I got a good eye for not only talent, because we all see a lot of talent, but the things that make the talent. The chemistry, what type of guy he is, his work ethic, his passion, the basketball IQ side of things. Because talent only goes so far."

James also discussed what it was like to rally from a 3-1 NBA Finals deficit to deliver Cleveland its first major sports championship in five decades. 

Listen to the full podcast here.

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