LeBron says neither Cleveland nor Golden State wants to go to the White House after NBA Finals

LeBron says neither Cleveland nor Golden State wants to go to the White House after NBA Finals
Posted at 2:58 PM, Jun 05, 2018

At practice on Tuesday, LeBron James addressed President Trump's decision not to invite the Philadelphia Eagles for a White House visit, saying, "I'm not surprised."

Trump warned NFL players on Tuesday about "escaping to locker rooms during the playing of the national anthem," a reference to a new policy giving players the option to remain on the field during the anthem.

And about that viral clip that went around yesterday...
James says he is too focused on the Finals to spend time on social media, so after the timeout clip of the Cavs losing all hope on the bench at the end of Game 1 went viral, James seemed shocked Tuesday when reporters brought it up.

The uncut footage released days after the game showed James asking coach Ty Lue if they had any remaining timeouts. When he learns they still had one timeout, you can see the weight of the season come tumbling down on James.

"It went viral? Damn cameras," James said Tuesday, laughing. "I'm not on social media... I finally got (Game 1) out of my head and now you're bringing it up again?"

Hesitantly, James questioned if he really had to think back to Game 1. James took a second to reflect on what happened following the moment that currently defines this series.

"I was sitting on the bench and just contemplating the last couple seconds on what happened and what expired. From JR dribbling the ball out to (George) Hill missing the free throw and actually seeing Draymond step in early on the lane violation, asking myself did I have a lane to actually drive it if I didn't, so it was a lot of things playing through my head," James said.

When the game clock went off, before JR threw the ball to Hill, James said he tried calling a timeout but wasn't sure if he had enough time.

"Knowing we had an opportunity to have another possession even with an offensive rebound, it was just a heartbreaking loss," he said.