LeBron, Kyrie explain that killer dunk in Game 3 of the NBA Finals

Posted at 10:06 AM, Jun 09, 2016

It was the dunk that shocked sports fans everywhere.

It happened during Game 3 of the NBA Finals after LeBron James forced a turnover by Steph Curry. He was able to intercept the ball but then he stumbled to the ground. Would he turn the ball over too?


James recovered and passed the ball to Kyrie who took the ball closer to the hoop. 

Kyrie quickly threw it back to James, who dealt a monster one-handed slam. 

Read what the players said about the play in the post-game conference below:

KYRIE IRVING: I wanted to see something great. I threw it very, very -- you know, some people may say it's a bad pass, but I wanted to see something great, and for him to do that, it was awesome. It was awesome.

LeBRON JAMES: Well, it started with the defense just trying to get my hand on Steph's pass, and I was able to get a deflection, and he kind of bumped me a little bit, kind of threw me off a little bit, and I was able to regather from off the floor. I knew we had a break going, and I didn't know exactly which one of my teammates was running the left wing until I got back up off the ground and saw Kyrie. I threw it to Kyrie and I made, I think it was Klay, just shift a little bit, and I knew he was going to throw it up there. And I had to go get it. He threw it, I had to go get it.