LeBron on Miami visit: 'I go cause I want to'

Posted at 9:15 AM, Mar 04, 2016

The Cavs were back at practice Thursday after having two days off, a rarity this far into the season.

But it's what LeBron did off the court that has Cavs fans talking. 

The NBA star spent his days off in Miami, using some of that time to work out with former Miami Heat teammate Dwayne Wade. 

And while he was there, he made some cryptic remarks on social media.


Some speculated on Twitter that he could be headed back to Miami. 

But LeBron said after practice Thursday that he simply went because he wanted to. 

"I go there 'cause I want to," he said.

Then, at the end of his interview he joked about it some more: 

"That's cool? I'm OK to leave when I want to leave? Be back at my work on time, two hours before?" he asked reporters. "OK. Last one to leave the gym. OK. Thank you."