VIDEO: LeBron James speaks after Game 2 loss

Posted at 11:55 PM, Jun 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-04 23:56:40-04

LeBron James spoke with reporters after NBA Finals Game 2. Watch in the media player above.

Q: Take us back to the third quarter – it was another deficit kind of a situation for you guys?

James: Let’s see what happened. We had a couple of turnovers, we had a couple of miscues defensively and they made us pay for it.

Q: LeBron, you came into tonight wanting to play better. With the result being what it is, do you now have to play differently? Do the Cavs have to change what you do?

James: I don’t know.  I don’t want to get into the ‘what we need to do better’ right now. The game is too fresh. We’re going to go home and watch the film to see ways we can be better. Do things – I don’t want to say differently because you work so hard to get to this point – but make a couple of changes to see if we can be a lot better defensively and offensively. I thought for the most part with the game plan that we had we tried to execute it as close as possible. Much more physical today than we were in Game 1. And we forced them to 20 turnovers and they still beat us pretty good, so we got to be much better too.

Q: Is there anything that you saw out there tonight that makes you feel good, that makes you feel like you see a path?

James: I always feel good. Why not?

Q: Do you let yourself think back to last year with your Game 2 loss. Is that stuck in your head?

James: No, I’m not a past guy too much. I’m more of a present guy so we just got to figure out how we can be better in Game 3.

Q: Is it hard not to get demoralized though when you play so much better than you played in Game 1 and aside from the three-point shooting, you played really well as a team.

James: We did.

Q: And you still lost by 19.

James: Well, it got a little out of control towards the end but we’re not worried about that. We made runs – we cut it to four at one point and then they went on quick 9-0 run or 12-0 run.
That’s what they do. That’s what Golden State does. If you make a mistake – like I said, we had a turnover, it came from me, and then we had a miscue and the floods opened again.

Q: You guys I think had 10 steals in the first half after not having any steals in Game 1. Was that a schematic thing that opened those opportunities up for you?

James: No, I just thought we were more physical at the point of attack. Not as much freedom of movement at the point of attack. We were more active too with our hands. We’re a team that prides ourselves on deflections and we didn’t do that in Game 1. I think we did a better job of that in Game 2.

Q: You know the Warriors well having played them the last three years in the championship round. Do you guys feel like you have a sense of the ‘Durant Warriors,’ like all of the wrinkles?

James: They’re a different team. You guys asked me ‘what was the difference?” And I told you. They’re a different team.

Q: LeBron, do you just feel this is a case where you just have to defend home court at this point?

James: Well, are you a smart guy?

Q: I think so.

James: Well, if we don’t defend home court, then what happens?

Q: Then you guys are looking at getting swept.

James: Alright, so that answers your question.

Q: Did you get any or will you need any IV?

James: No, I’m good. I just need some food and some wine and I’ll be all right.

Q: Usually you’re a podium guy. Any reason you’re doing this in the locker room?

James: Yeah, there’s a reason.

Q: Do you want to share?

James: No. It has nothing to do with wins and losses, though.

Q: When Kyrie is having a rough night, is there anything you can tell him to encourage him?

James: Of course. I just tell him to continue to be patient. The game will come to you. Just keep asserting yourself. We have to figure out a way to get him going early. He’s been such a big piece of our success the last three years, obviously. We can do better job of getting him going early. He missed some chippies – ones he’s so accustomed to making.

Q: How can going home alter your outlook as you look forward to Game 3?

James: For me, I feel much better on the road. You go home, you tend to get more comfortable. You’re in your own bed, own facilities and things of that nature. For me, it doesn’t change. I’m the same way on the road or at home; I still have this bunker mentality when it comes to playing ball. We’re looking forward to it. Our fans are looking forward to it; we know that. We have to give them something to cheer for.

Q: On tying Magic Johnson for most triple-doubles in Finals history:

James: I think it will. Right now, it means nothing. But it will mean something. He’s one of the greatest to play this game. Right now, individuality means absolutely nothing when it comes to this team sport. But when I’m done, I’ll probably look back on it and say it was a cool feat.

Q: They’re trying to take Tristan Thompson away. What can you do to get him jump- started?

James: They’ve been out there talking a lot about trying to keep a body on him, a couple of bodies on him. He’s a big piece of our success and they know that, so they have neutralized that in the first two games.

Q: Over the next 48 hours, how do you find a way to make adjustments? What will that process be?

James: That’s a Coach Lue question. So I can’t answer that. I don’t put the game plan together.