VIDEOS: Cavs fans' emotional reactions to winning NBA Championship

Posted at 7:29 PM, Jun 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-23 19:29:15-04

Last Sunday evening was an emotional whirlwind for Cleveland Cavaliers fans everywhere as the team finally brought home an NBA Championship after a 52-year drought.

Cavs fans celebrated and admitted that 2016 was when the Cleveland curse was broken. 

Watch the videos below, submitted by Cavs fans showing how they reacted to a historical win. 


  1. ChelseyRai S Standberry: "It was 2 sec left in the NBA Basketball Championship Finals game 7, the buzzer sounds, then this happens.. #WeDidIt
    Hubby is obviously a die hard #Cleveland #Cavaliers fan!! Lol #Cleveland #Cavs #GSW #Curry #Lebron #Allin216 #NationalChampionship #NBAFinals2016 #ESPN #SportsCenter #share #NBA #Game7 #Finals NationalChampions #SteveHarvey #Clevelandcurse #AllIn #weDidIt


  2. LeBrian Fox


  3. Michael Czombos: "Hall of Fame" Cavs 2016 NBA CHampions
    With Marissa Rouzzo Czombos, Cavs Nation, Akron Beacon Journal,, Cleveland Cavaliers on 247Sports, Cleveland Cavaliers,, Cavaliers Nation, Cavs Fanatics, Cleveland Indians and NBA Memes.


  4. Gina Kovach: "Video I made while watching the game downtown yesterday & celebrating after."


  5. Charles Moore 


  6. Beau Bejcek 

Also, take a look at the Facebook post below to see a small number of the hundreds of pictures submitted to us by Cavs fans.