Will former Cavs coach David Blatt get a championship ring?

Posted at 4:52 PM, Jun 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-24 06:39:17-04

One name not mentioned much in the Cavs championship run—former head coach David Blatt.

It just so happens that a local high school teacher is good friends with Blatt and is working with him to promote basketball talent from the States.

"I've known David since 1980," said Cleveland Heights teacher Mark Sack.  He played basketball with the former Cavs head coach on the national Israeli team in the 80s. Blatt even helped set up Mark with his now-wife.

"It means the world to us, because I'll feel like a champion for my whole life and it's thanks to David Blatt," said Sack.

Now that the Cavs are champions, Sack said Blatt feels good knowing the hard work paid off for the organization.

"Obviously, it was difficult to watch his team, his former team, with him not being there to help them but he's proud of what they were able to accomplish,” Sack told us.

And when Blatt was let go from the team even though his record was 30-11?

"He thought he had at least to the end of the season to bring home the championship,” said Sack.  “So, it really was a shocker for him and it hurt."

Blatt is now in charge of a team in Turkey where he has more control over the development of the team and its decision making. Plus, Blatt has put together, what Sack calls, a premier international basketball camp that brings in high school and middle school talent from around the world.

Sack, himself, is taking 6 players to the camp to “receive high caliber training and experience in the international game."

Meanwhile, here in Cleveland, will the Cavs give Blatt a championship ring? "I'm hoping they'll do the right thing and I have confidence in them,” said Sack. “The Cavs are a class organization. David Blatt is a class man, class coach. So, I'm hoping things will work out."

We called the Cavs organization to see if any decision has been made about Blatt’s ring. No one has gotten back to us just yet.