Born to Box: Cleveland native aims to make history

Cleveland native aims to make history
Posted at 9:08 PM, Sep 08, 2016

Cleveland native Daywaun Roseberry remembered the first time he walked into a boxing ring.

At 14 years old told NewsChannel5's Lauren Brill he felt, "Nervousness, doubt. Should I be here?"

Roseberry is a 21-year-old professional boxer with a 3-0 record, all knockouts. 

"I have always boxed. This is what I was born to do," he explained. "This is all I do."

Boxing helped him avoid the negativity in the neighborhood where he grew up. 

"I grew up in the ghetto," he said. "It doesn’t hold me down it just makes me want to work hard."

He is trained by brothers Alvin and Yasin Jones at Iron Fist Boxing Academy in Cleveland. They taught him skill and showed him love. 

"He has always been like a son to me. We are very close," Alvin Jones explained. 

Now with support in his corner and talent on his side, boxing is not just a sport for Daywaun it's a mentality. 

"Any challenge or obstacle that approaches me I am going to make it through it and conquer it," he said.  

And the boxer who once questioned if he belonged, is now aiming to be a part of the sport forever. 

He explained, "Of course I want to win a world title but the dream is to make history."