Browns long snapper Charley Hughlett happy to maintain a low profile

Posted at 9:02 AM, Oct 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-03 09:02:17-04

Do you know the name Charley Hughlett?

Probably not. 

That's because the Browns long snapper has maintained a low profile since joining the team. And that, he says, is a good thing.

“I definitely enjoy the low key role of not having to worry about my name being out there all the time,” Hughlett told News 5’s Lauren Brill. 

He played tight end growing up in the Tampa Bay area and walked on to University of Central Florida’s football team to do just that.

But when an opportunity to receive a scholarship as a long snapper arose, he capitalized on it.  The notion of playing long snapper in the NFL didn’t enter his mind prior to his senior year of college. 

“It was definitely something I never thought ten years ago, I never thought would happen,” he said. 

It wasn’t exactly an easy path to the NFL. He went undrafted in 2012 and then struggled to find a steady home. 

“It was tough. There were a lot of thoughts that went through my head on whether or not I should keep at it,” he said. “I definitely had to believe in myself quite a bit and it came out well.”

He’s been happily able to avoid the headlines, as his attitude and mentality quietly write the story of a successful NFL career. 

“I am competitive. I really just want to be the best at what I do,” he said. “That is a huge motivation for me.”