Hue Jackson says he needs to 'evaluate' Manziel

Posted at 7:47 AM, Jan 14, 2016

Hue Jackson is officially a member of the Dawg Pound and rumors are flying about what he's going to do with the team's controversial quarterback.

Shortly after word of Jackson's hiring went public, reports indicated that he had plans to get rid of Johnny Manziel, who has been the center of attention in recent months for his off-the-field behavioral issues. Most recently, Manziel reportedly wore a fake wig to disguise himself at a night club in Las Vegas. 

But, in front of the media Wednesday, Jackson said he needs to evaluate Manziel as a player before he makes a decision. 

"I need to get into this building and have an opportunity to sit down and watch tape," said Jackson. "I don’t know Johnny personally. I know who he is, but at the same time, I think I have to give everybody on our football team the fair opportunity to see who they are and to truly learn who they are and then make decisions from there.”

As far as Manziel's behavior goes, Jackson isn't ready to comment on that. 

"I wasn’t here to be a part of that so obviously, I can’t speak to any of those," he said. "I think what’s important is that I evaluate him as a football player and then find out more about those things as we move forward.”