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Browns DE Myles Garrett fined $42,112 for 2 hits on Jets QB Trevor Siemian

Cleveland Browns v New York Jets
Posted at 5:38 PM, Sep 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-21 17:51:27-04

CLEVELAND — Browns defensive end Myles Garrett was hit with more fines in Week 2 for two hits on Jets quarterback Trevor Siemian, one of which ended the backup’s season.

Garrett was fined a total of $42,112 for the two roughing the passer penalties he received in the Browns Monday night game against the Jets in Week 2, according to NFL's Tom Pelissero.

Each penalty cost Garrett $21,056.

The second of Garrett’s infractions resulted in Siemian suffering torn ankle ligaments when his leg bent back awkwardly during the tackle.

Siemian was ruled out for the season due to his injuries. He was in for Jets starting quarterback Sam Darnold who had been ruled out for several weeks with mono.

Garrett was fined $10,527 after he hit Titans tight end Delanie Walker in the face mask with an open hand in the Browns season opener against the Titans.

Garrett is expected to appeal his fines.

On Thursday, Browns defensive coordinator Steve Wilks addressed Garrett’s penalties so far this season.

“For the last probably three or four years, there has been a point of emphasis with the quarterback and the safety in the National Football League, which I agree with totally. We just have to be smarter and understand by being in that position right here,” Wilks said. “Sometimes it is just getting our hands up or maybe shoving the guy and doing this (places hands up) instead of just trying to take him to the ground.”

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