Browns wide receiver Corey Coleman not indicted in Dec. 31 incident, two others charged

Posted at 11:52 AM, Jun 20, 2017

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Corey Coleman was not indicted in a Dec. 31,2016incident at Pinnacle Condominiums on West Lakeside Avenue. 

Two other people — Jonathan Coleman and Jared Floyd — were indicted on one count each of felonious assault.

According to the indictment, Jonathan Coleman and Floyd "did knowingly cause serious physical harm to Adam Sapp."

According to a Cleveland police report, the incident took place around 2:50 a.m. on New Year's Eve. The report alleged that Adam Sapp of Mayfield Heights was in an altercation with a group of four unknown men while trying to get on the elevator.

Sapp was with Nina Holman and said that after the confrontation "he [was] unclear of what happened next."  He remembered being woken up by Holman in the stairwell of the condominium. The report says that Sapp did not know any of the men, but that Holman told him Corey Coleman was one of the men responsible.

Sapp was taken to the hospital with a ruptured eardrum, bruises and scratches on his body. 

At the time, Corey Coleman's attorney, Kevin Spellacy, issued this statement:

My client denies participating in this incident. He will fully cooperate with the appropriate authorities and looks forward to clearing his name from what has been alleged.