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Browns WR Ryan Switzer says 9-month-old son back in hospital after ongoing medical issues

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Posted at 7:41 PM, Mar 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-20 19:42:09-04

Nearly two weeks ago, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Ryan Switzer took to social media to ask for prayers for his 9-month-old son Christian who woke up in blood and was hospitalized. Christian tested positive for COVID-19 and underwent numerous tests to find the source of his bleeding. Following a surgery, Switzer shared the good news a few days later that Christian was home from the hospital, but on Saturday, things took a turn.

Switzer said that Christian was taken back to the hospital after he had "more significant bleeding" Saturday morning.

"We’re frustrated but more so just exhausted seeing our son suffer. We’re asking for prayers for the doctors as they work to find a diagnosis & strength for Christian as he battles," Switzer wrote.

Christian's medical ordeal began at the beginning or March. Once at the hospital for the bleeding, doctors could not determine the source, and Christian required a blood transfusion. Doctors later completed a series of tests and scans and determined the source of the bleeding, which required surgery to correct, Switzer said.

Doctors determined that the source of the bleeding found on the scans was inaccurate and surgeons had to implement exploratory measures to locate it, Switzer said. Several sources of bleeding were discovered and after samples were taken, Christian was out of surgery and stable.

A few days later, Switzer shared the good news that Christian was out of ICU and later discharged from the hospital. He posted a video thanking all those who reached out or said prayers for Ryan and said that they did not get any "concrete answers" about what caused Christian's bleeding.

With Christian back in the hospital, Switzer asked for prayers for both his son's strength and for the doctors working to find the cause of the bleeding and to help heal Christian.

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