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'Our prayers are being answered': Cleveland Browns WR Ryan Switzer shares good news about his infant son

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Posted at 12:24 PM, Mar 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-10 12:24:14-05

CLEVELAND — Cleveland Browns wide receiver Ryan Switzer shared some good news about his infant son, who was hospitalized after he woke up in his own blood Saturday. He also had tested positive for COVID-19.

Sharing a video on Twitter Wednesday, Switzer shared the good news that his son was discharged from the hospital Tuesday night, posting this message to fans who sent well wishes to him and his family.

Switzer shared a video of his 9-month-old son Christian happily playing with toys after his release from the ICU.

Based on his tweets, he said it’s still not clear what caused the bleeding. Over the past weekend, doctors ran several tests and scans, locating several sources of bleeding.

On Monday, Switzer shared an update that Christian’s labs remained normal and the bleeding had stopped, allowing him to be moved from the ICU.

Switzer thanked fans for sending prayers and well wishes to his family during a difficult time.

" see him sleep through the night with no bleeding and wake up in a playful mood this morning means our prayers are being answered. Thank you all," Switzer said.

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