Browns' Mitchell Schwartz shares recipe for life

Posted at 10:30 AM, Oct 05, 2015
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Cleveland Browns offensive lineman Mitchell Schwartz  loves to cook, but food is just one ingredient that flavors his life.

Football has been a major part of his life, but it was not always that way. Early on in high school, baseball was his passion and football was a sport he was coerced into playing.

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“They kind of tricked me. My brother and my parents told me I could be a quarterback,” Schwartz recalled. “I wasn’t quite the speed they required at the position, so they moved me right over to offensive line.”

The move landed him a scholarship to Cal-Berkley.

Subsequently, he was drafted by the Browns in the second round of the 2012 draft with the 37th overall pick. 

He joined his older brother, Geoff Schwartz, in the NFL who was drafted in the seventh round in 2008.

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Together they became the first Jewish brothers in the NFL since 1923. Judaism was very much a part of their childhood.

“We went to Hebrew school as kids, had our bar mitzvahs,” Schwartz explained.  “I think the major thing with that is just to be a good person, how to treat others, how to go about business, hard work, dedication, stuff like that.”

While Schwartz told’s Lauren Brill that his focus is on football during the season, he enjoys having balance in his life, which includes his Amherst-native girlfriend, Brooke Squires.

“It is awesome now having Brooke to come home to after  a long day,” Schwartz said. “It is nice to come home, to have someone to be with and support you. So that is really great for me just to be able to have her here.”

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For Schwartz, football, family, food and faith have proven to be his recipe for a productive career and more importantly a fulfilling life.


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