ESPN: Johnny Manziel pledges comeback in erratic video

Posted at 12:28 PM, Jul 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-19 13:32:49-04

Johnny Manziel has taken to Twitter and Instagram to apologize to fans and promise a comeback. 

In an erratic Instagram video, Manziel can be seen shaking his head with his tongue out and running his hands through his hair while flexing his bicep. Loud rap music plays in the background. 



The post is captioned, "You all write about a day in my life and what goes it is. No secrets, no hiding, I"m not what you read about. I'll be back... In time. It can't end like won't. I love you all even though your comments suck." 

On Twitter, the beleaguered star shared apologies for how his career turned out. He said he'd be an Aggie for life and shared a link to a tweet from a Texas A&M blog that wrote about a 2013 touchdown run by 'Johnny Football.'



The former Browns draft pick has had a myriad of issues off the field, ranging from substance abuse to domestic violence. He is currently out of the league and suspended for four games if a team picks him up. Family has shown concern over his health.  

You can read the ESPN story here.