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Everything the Browns' number one troll got wrong about Sunday's game

Baker Mayfield vs. Colin Cowherd
Posted at 3:25 PM, Jan 11, 2021

CLEVELAND — Victory Monday has never been this sweet, especially when it means that one of Cleveland's biggest trolls has to eat crow.

Colin Cowherd has been known for his "rivalry" with Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield in the past, and last week was no different.

Cowherd said on Jan. 4 that Pittsburgh was going to roll on Cleveland and that the game would be a tire fire for the Browns.

His argument was that Cleveland barely beat a Steelers team who sat their four starters.

Which is fair, but he also forgot to mention that the Browns were playing with a depleted secondary with players such as cornerback Denzel Ward being deemed out.

Then on Friday, Cowherd was clearly grasping at straws for content when he said that Mayfield wearing his hat backward screamed playoff loss.

Mayfield was the one who was able to get in the last laugh when he subtly trolled Cowherd in his post-game press conference.

After seeing Mayfield's response, Cowherd did, in fact, eat crow.

Cowherd can continue trolling the Browns, it just makes Victory Monday that much sweeter.

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