Meet Browns Backers from around the world

Posted at 11:01 AM, Sep 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-21 11:01:18-04

Some of the Browns biggest fans aren't here in Cleveland. They're not even in the country.

The Dawgs are getting a lot of love overseas, with fans that put some of us to shame!'s Corrina Pysa spoke via Skype with Browns Backers in Australia, England, Canada and Spain.

“I was a friend of an American woman. I was visiting her in California and she explained to me about the history of the Browns, the history of the city, and I was captivated,” explained Alvaro Ramos of the Browns Backers of Spain.

As for Norman Whitlock, it was back in the '80's that a young Brit found his love for some "lovable losers."

“The 1987 AFC championship game, Cleveland at Denver,” he recalled. “That was the fumble game.”

And then there are the transplants.

Die-hard Browns fan—and Cleveland native—Bruce Millinger brought the Browns to Australia more than a decade ago, forming the Royal Perth Browns Backers of Western Australia.

“We are the most distant Browns Backers chapter in the world,” he noted. “We are exactly halfway around the world from Cleveland... We're a long way away, but it's worth it.”

Clevelander Cindy Chadd now teaches English in Spain.

“I'm old enough that I remember when the Browns were champions, let's leave it at that,” said Chadd.

And others—like Canadian Bryan Loberg—catch the ‘Dawg Fever’ by association.

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“It's my dad's fault,” he laughed.

But whatever corner of the world you find them in, they've all got that same optimism, that same faith, that same spirit... That is so unmistakably "Cleveland."

“Nothing comes easy in Cleveland in the sports field, let’s say that,” Chadd said.