"Full House" parody "The Browns" will make you feel like a kid again

Posted: 8:53 PM, Aug 13, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-14 00:53:03Z
"Full House" parody "The Browns" will make you feel like a kid again

First, the Browns made a parody of the opening credits of "The Office." Now, The Ringer has taken it upon itself to put the team in an 80s family sitcom and create a parody of the opening credits of "Full House."

We apologize in advance for getting the "Full House" theme song stuck in your head.

The parody starts with wide shots of the team's practice field and headquarters in Berea and a view of Downtown Cleveland. Then, we see some feel-good moments of general manager John Dorsey, cheering fans and Hue Jackson running into a very cold Lake Erie — because it's not an 80s family sitcom without those feel-good, wholesome moments.

By this time we've heard the lyrics, "Whatever happened to predictability?" But with a new-look team and a new front office, could this season be unpredictable? Maybe mix it up and pull out some wins? Of course, later we see a poster with "Participation 0-16," and we know that it's something neither the Browns nor Cleveland will ever live down.

Cue the credits, and we see "The Browns" starring Baker Mayfield, Hue Jackson, John Dorsey, Tyrod Taylor, Myles Garrett and Jarvis Landry as Juice.

As we hear, "Everywhere there's a heart I'm here to hold onto," we see the LeBron banner being taken down. You'll always be in our hearts, LeBron.

And of course, what is an 80s family sitcom without some more feel-good shots of featured cast members smiling and hugging? From group hugs to Mayfield hugging Dorsey to Jackson hugging Landry, you won't be able to stop the corners of your mouth from twitching up into a smile.

With a closing shot on the Browns stadium, you'll be dying to see the next episode — Friday's second preseason game against the Bills on News 5 at 7:30 p.m.