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Houston Texans to be added as defendants in Deshaun Watson lawsuit, lawyer says

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Posted at 8:02 PM, Jun 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-08 20:02:30-04

CLEVELAND — The Houston Texans will be added as a defendant in the lawsuits against current Cleveland Browns quarterback Dawson Watson, according to Tony Buzbee.

This comes after a New York Timesreport that was released on Tuesday stating that the Texans provided a nondisclosure agreement for Watson to give to massage therapists.

According to that report, the Texans also provided a hotel room at The Houstonian Hotel, where several of the massages took place.

Buzbee released the following statement:

"Based on what we have learned from the Houston Police Department, we will soon be joining the Houston Texans organization and others as defendants in the ongoing lawsuits against Deshaun Watson. Our team has thoroughly vetted each case. We are considering many others. These women are the true heroes in this sordid story. What has become clear is that the Houston Texans organization and their contracting “massage therapy company” facilitated Deshaun Watson’s conduct. In many of these cases, the Texans provided the opportunity for this conduct to occur. We believe the Texans organization was well aware of Watson’s issues, but failed to act. They knew or certainly should have known. The Houston Texans organization provided rooms for Watson at the high-end Houstonian hotel for his “massages”; the Texans also provided massage tables and other support for Watson’s proclivities—ostensibly to protect their “asset.” We intend to make sure all involved in Watson’s conduct are held accountable, in addition to and including Watson himself."

Watson faces 24 civil lawsuits accusing him of sexual misconduct.

His legal team said the NFL has wrapped up its investigation.

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