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Myles Garrett's hit on Mason Rudolph was brutal when you see it frame-by-frame

Rudolph hit
Posted at 12:22 PM, Nov 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-19 13:17:27-05

CLEVELAND — The moment Browns defensive End Myles Garrett attacked Pittsburgh's Mason Rudolph was caught on camera by News 5 photographer David Colabine.

The incident occurred in the last few moments before the Browns beat the Steelers for their first win against their rivals since 2014, scarring what should have been a high point for the franchise this season.

It all began after Garrett wrestled Rudolph to the ground well after he had completed a short pass in the last eight seconds of the game.

In a scrum on the ground, Rudolph got his hand on Garrett’s helmet first and appeared to kick Garrett in the groin while the players grappled.

A tweet from NFL on Fox shows the tussle that precipitated the helmet hit:

Garrett got back on his feet, yanked Rudolph's helmet off and swung wildly, hitting the quarterback on the top of the head. Rudolph threw his arms in the air in disbelief after the impact.

Garrett winds back with Rudolph's helmet
Helmet hit
The moment before impact
Rudolph hit
The moment Garrett hit Rudolph with his own helmet.
Helmet hit
A stunned Rudolph throws his hands up.

Then Browns defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi pushes Rudolph to the ground.

Larry Ogunjobi
Larry Ogunjobi takes a stunned Rudolph to the ground after he was struck in the head by Garrett.

As Rudolph returned to his feet, Steeler Maurkice Pouncey retaliated by punching and kicking Garrett.

Players from both teams and coaches rushed the field in an extended moment of chaos following the fracas.

Eventually, the refs were able to restore order and issue their calls. Garrett, Pouncey and Ogunjobi were ejected.


Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely following brawl

Browns, Steelers brawl at end of Cleveland’s 21-7 win

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