News 5 exclusive: An inside look at Bernie Kosar's struggles after football

Posted at 7:50 PM, Apr 27, 2017

The NFL Draft marks for most of its college participants the culmination of a dream they’ve seemingly spent their young lifetime in pursuit of realizing.

Browns legend Bernie Kosar was one of them in 1985 and, while there is little he would change about his storied career in football, he knows now the rewards of those days came at the cost of the future.

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Concussion-related headaches for Kosar led to sleepless nights, anxiety and weight gain. Traditional medical treatments masked the symptoms but didn’t address the problem.

Join us tonight on News 5 at 11 as we look back on the career that brought Cleveland such joy and travel along with Kosar to the treatments that are allowing him to get to the point where he can enjoy life once again.