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Report: Myles Garrett says Browns ready to prove themselves

Posted at 3:27 PM, Sep 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-05 15:27:29-04

CLEVELAND — Cleveland Browns Myles Garrett is ready for the season is kickoff.

In a letter he wrote to the Player's Tribune, he said this season will be different.

One of the first things coach Freddie Kitchens told the team was, "I'm not supposed to be here" and those words have stuck with Garrett.

He said the team has embraced that mentality and flipped what it's supposed to mean to be a Cleveland Brown.

"We’ve gone and taken what a Cleveland Browns team is 'supposed' to do, in people’s minds, and we’ve changed that from this curse into this gift. Into an opportunity," Garrett said.

Garrett was a rookie the team went 0—16 in 2017. He said a lot of locker rooms would have given up, but not the Browns.

"You had this group of players that was going 0–16, and getting laughed at by the sports world. But in our locker room? It’s like those weren’t even 16 losses to us. They were just 16 missed opportunities," Garrett said.

The Browns kick off their highly anticipated season against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.

To read Garrett's full letter, click here.

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