Browns fans are venting their frustrations at every Zane Gonzalez on Twitter

Posted: 9:04 AM, Sep 17, 2018
Updated: 2018-09-17 14:19:28Z

Browns fans let out their frustrations on the wrong Zane Gonzalez Sunday evening after the real Gonzalez blew a chance to get the team a much-needed win.

With three seconds left on the clock, it was Gonzalez's turn to show up and keep the Browns in the game.

But in true Browns fashion, the disappointment became a reality.

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Fans were not shy about letting Gonzalez know how they felt about one of the biggest fails of Sunday's game.

While most fans unleashed a series of harsh words at Gonzalez, some fans targeted the wrong Gonzalez.

Some Twitter users even started offering him a job as a replacement kicker.

For the sake of not getting harassed, Gonzalez asked the Browns kicker to be better for both of them.

And it's not just this Zane Gonzalez. It's pretty much everyone named Zane Gonzalez.

Here is a screenshot from Zane Gonzalez, a baseball coach at the University of Rio Grande.