Cavs fans expect post season excellence

Posted at 10:29 PM, Apr 16, 2016
The Cleveland Cavaliers are officially on their championship charge as they host the Detroit Pistons Sunday in their first playoff game of the season.
That game starts at 3:00 p.m. on NewsChannel 5. That’s just about two hours after the Indians take on the New York Mets at Progressive Field. Fans coming downtown should expect heavy traffic.
Cleveland sports enthusiasts hope to make this a totally winning weekend, after the Indians beat the Mets 7-5 on Saturday, with a rematch Sunday, before the Cavs take on the Pistons around the corner at the Quicken Loans Arena.

Downtown Saturday night, Cavs fans said it wasn’t just team pride that had them “All In,” but an expectation of excellence in the post season.
“Honest to God, we’re going to win by…15? I hope,” Connor Reed said, referencing the matchup against the Pistons. "We’ve been resting LeBron, Kyrie and Love for a while, so I feel like that should be enough.”
And few fans expected the Cavs' run to end before the finals, but there was hesitation from some when asked about beating a strong Golden State Warriors team.  Zac Leone remained confident.
"I think Cavs in four,” Leone said. “You got Kyrie healthy. You got Kevin healthy. I mean, why not. Cavs are taking the east, going to the finals, first championship in Cleveland since ’48.”
You heard it here first.


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