Unconventional studio spins Cavs dancer's view

Posted at 10:41 AM, Dec 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-16 10:41:17-05

Dancers are known for knowing how to move their feet. Cavs dancer Emily Schwarting knows the art of dancing well. She’s been dancing since age five.

“It is not only my passion but a part of my life,” Schwarting told's Lauren Brill.

In addition to dancing for the Cavs at their home games, Schwarting dances for a professional company, Dancing Wheels, which proves that dancing is not always about how you move your feet.

“Dancing Wheels Company is a physically integrated dance company. So we are comprised of dancing with and without disabilities, who are professionally trained here at the Dancing Wheels Studio,” said Dancing Wheels founder and artistic director Mary Verdi-Fletcher.

Schwarting was originally attracted to Dancing Wheels because she hopes one day to teach dance as a form of physical therapy. However, the company is not just a platform to launch a career; it is also a stage for equality.

“My eyes really opened that they are not really different than us,” said Schwarting. “They dance the same.”

Dancing Wheels altered her perspective about dance.

She added, “I know there is more than me just dancing on the stage or dancing on the court. I can affect people with what I do.”

For Schwarting, great dancing is not about how or even if you move your feet. Rather, it is how you can sway emotions by the way you move your body.

“I just hope that my dancing inspires people, just inspires people to go out and do something they were afraid to do,” Schwarting said. “Have them look up to me and say because of her I did that.”


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