Cleveland Mayor quiet on Cavs parade plans: 'We don't jinx'

Won't go into details about plans
Posted at 5:47 PM, Jun 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-18 14:39:36-04

An NBA Finals Game 7 victory for the Cavaliers is sure to turn the streets of Cleveland into a sea of wine and gold, but Cleveland officials are keeping any plans for a possible parade to themselves.

“We don’t jinx,” Mayor Frank Jackson said Friday when asked if there were any plans for a parade or celebration.’s Derick Waller caught up with the Mayor as he prepared to greet 42 new Cleveland police cadets at city hall.

“We have seriously not talked about it,” Mayor Jackson said. "You know, this morning we had Mayor Voinovich’s funeral. Today we have this, so you know, in due time, we’ll talk about it, at the right time.”

The Cavaliers have not won a championship in 52 years and this is the team’s first NBA Finals Game 7 in history. Fans like Imani Thomas Hicks are ready.

“I’m already ready, so whenever it is, whenever I found out where it is, I’ll be there,” Hicks said.

Security expert Tim Dimoff said the city may be keeping quiet because if police announced where that celebration would take place, most likely downtown, they would have to spend extra manpower patrolling it.

“It’s already somewhat narrowed narrowed down. And as far as security goes, the closer they can wait until the event, the better off they are controlling the event,” Dimoff said.


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