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Kent State opens new 'Sandy's Scrapbook' exhibit to honor one of four students killed on May 4, 1970

Posted at 7:25 AM, Feb 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-20 07:25:52-05

Nearly 48 years ago four students were shot and killed on the Kent State University campus after members of the National Guard opened fire on a group of students who were protesting the Vietnam War. 

One of the students who died was 20-year-old Sandy Scheuer.

Most people don't know who Scheuer was - until now.

The 'Sandy's Scrapbook' exhibit recently opened inside the Kent State May 4 Visitors Center. 

“This isn’t about the things that were said afterwards. This is not a tribute. These are about the lives of these very interesting students," museum director Mindy Farmer said.

Glass cases inside the museum are filled with photos, letters, flowers and other items from Scheuer's actual scrapbooks from the 1960s. 

"All the writing you see on the panels is her writing,” Farmer said. 

The exhibit was designed by Kent State students.

“We want our current students to know about these students," Farmer said. "They are the people who made this look beautiful." 

Farmer said it took about a year and a half to gather all of the items inside the exhibit.

Scheuer's older sister, Audrey, had a chance to see display before it went public. She said she's grateful for everyone's hard work on the exhibit.

"I’m up in the clouds right now because it was that wonderful," she said.

The 'Sandy's Scrapbook' exhibit will be open inside the Visitors Center through June.

Meanwhile, museum workers are now collecting items to honor the other three students killed in 1970.