NFL prospect, QB Connor Cook aims for perfection

Posted at 8:11 PM, Mar 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-26 20:11:22-04

NFL prospect Connor Cook is among several quarterbacks that have spent the offseason in San Diego training with quarterback guru George Whitfield.

Cook is trying to perfect his craft. The idea of perfection has resonated with the former Walsh Jesuit quarterback for quite some time, thanks to his mother. 

“So back when I was going into my sophomore year (of high school) she would always pack me lunch and this year, in the cooler, I opened it on the first day and underneath the lid it said, 'perfection,'” Cook explained to's Lauren Brill. 

Family has been a major part of Cook’s life. His mother, father and sister all played collegiate sports. 

“Ever since I started playing, my parents never missed a game -- home or away,” Cook recalled. “They loved it. They loved the whole experience. It wasn’t just my journey, but it was their journey as well.”

Cook has had quite the journey so far, after a solid career at Walsh Jesuit, the Ohio native went on to become the winningest starting quarterback in Michigan State history, with 34 victories as a starter.

But in 2015 he suffered a shoulder injury. He came back to win the Big Ten and play in the college football playoffs, where Michigan State lost to Alabama.

His return was accompanied by controversy after he grabbed the Big Ten MVP trophy from Ohio State legend Archie Griffin. 

“The whole trophy mishap, that was just totally caught in the moment,” Cook explained. “I immediately reached out to him the next day, apologized to him.

“People think I am disrespectful, but that is not the case at all,” Cook added. “People  kind of misunderstand me (as) kind of being a cocky kind of guy, someone who is arrogant, which is completely wrong.”

During his college career, his character may have been questioned, but his ability to stack together wins is tough to challenge. 

“I am a competitor, and I just want to win and by any way possible, by any means possible. I'll do whatever it takes to win,” Cook said. 

Now, as Cook trains to become a great NFL quarterback, the notion of perfection still resonates with him, as it has become much more than just a word -- it’s a mentality. 

“Just strive to be perfect in everything that you do, not just football,” Cook explained, “And hopefully you get close to it.”