For Kent State's Jimmy Hall, basketball is a family affair

Kent, Ohio - When Kent State star Jimmy Hall won a MAC title, it was supposed to be a moment for him and his teammates. However, immediately after Kent State beat Akron, Jimmy, who had a double-double with 19 points and 10 rebounds, approached his mother and his younger sister in the stands. 

His mother, Noreen Stallings, recalled,"When he came over to me I thought about that little boy who was bouncing the ball and how he is getting closer and closer to reaching his dream."

Noreen has been a staple this past season at Kent State games. 

"She has just been my backbone my whole entire life. Just believing in me in everything I do," Jimmy explained. 

His younger half-sister Nalyssa Grant is also a big fan. 

"My dad died when I was four years old. He is kind of like a father figure to me and a big brother," Nalyssa explained. "He is awesome, amazing, outstanding. He is a whole lot words I can't explain. 

As the Golden Flashes prepares to take on UCLA in Sacramento in the first round of the NCAA tournament, for Hall and his family, the journey is even more about who Jimmy has become off the court than the player he is on the court. And that is why a moment that could have just been about him and his teammates, now belongs to all three of them. 

"I was crying tears of joy because he has really really come far from when he first started and I have come far with him," Nalyssa explained. 

Noreen added, "I didn't know he was coming for me but when he did it really made me realize he is no longer a little boy. He is developing into a young man, who I am proud of and I hope Kent State is proud of him also.

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