Dr. Ronald Bell | A forever young athlete

Posted at 12:19 PM, Jan 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-12 12:19:53-05

Adulthood is often a time many people slow down, as the demands of work and family often can lead to a decline of physical activity. However, for retired oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Ronald Bell, that is not the case. Throughout his adult life he’s achieved many impressive feats that could make some wonder if the fountain of youth does exist.

“I have crossed the country in various directions 19 times all together,” Dr. Bell told’s Lauren Brill, just a few of his achievements during his physical therapy session at the Peter B. Lewis Aquatic and Therapy Center at Menorah Park. “In addition I have climbed eight or nine mountains, a couple over, 21,000 feet.”

He’s participated in the Race Across America six times, riding his bike from California to Maryland. The race is divided into age groups. He’s won his age group five of the six times.  His last race was at 80 years old.

“I was on an 80-year-old four-man team, two years ago. We crossed in nine days, seven hours and eleven minutes and it is 3,020 miles.” Dr. Bell recalled.”

Approximately six months after that race, Dr. Bell suffered a stroke. Despite the stroke, Dr. Bell continues to work out. He attributes his ability to achieve and continue his athletic pursuits despite any and all obstacles he may face to mental toughness.

“Mental toughness is the ability to see a difficult task without being freaked out and just know that you can handle it, you can conquer it, you can live with it and that you can thrive with it.” Dr. Bell said.

For Dr. Bell the fountain of youth is about possessing specific state of mind.

“Either you can sink or swim.  And if you have mental toughness you can swim against the waves. If you don’t you are going to drown,” Dr. Bell explained.

But through Dr. Bell’s pursuits he is not unlocking the key to eternal youth. Rather, he's embracing a lifestyle that ensures perpetual happiness.

When asked about his motivation Dr. Bell responded, “Stay healthy, I want to enjoy my kids and grandkids as long as I can.”