Local doctor is headed to Rio

Posted at 5:26 PM, Jul 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-06 17:26:10-04

Running has been a major part of the life of podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Mark Mendeszoon. 

"I have been running all my life, since I was ten years old," Dr. Mendeszoon, explained. "It took me out of bad situations. When you're 14 and you see friends die in front of you. When you see friends go to the dark side of being stuck on drugs. You see people make bad decisions and I did not want to be part of the statistics." 

The sport of track and field allowed Dr. Mendeszoon to receive a college scholarship. He's remained heavily involved in the sports through his practice, his coaching and his ownership of Achilles Running Store. 

Thanks to Olympic pole vaulter Jen Suhr, who is among Dr. Mendeszoon's patients, the surgeon received an invite to the Rio Olympics. 

"If the athletes have injuries, hopefully they will call me and I will be able to treat them, particularly her and some of the other local athletes I have relationships with," he explained. 

Dr. Mendeszoon previously went to the London games. However, unlike London, Rio has many people concerned about the Zika virus. 

"As far as the Zika virus is concerned, I am pass the time of having children. I will be careful. I will wear proper clothes and bring my bug repellent but I am going," he said. 

See, the miles he's run as an athlete have taken him far but now his passion is seeing others go the distance. 

Dr. Mendeszoon said,  "As a physician, as a fan, it is more rewarding to see people you work with have success than your own self,"