Athlete of the week: Nazihar Bohannon

Posted at 2:01 PM, Dec 01, 2015

Lorain High junior Nazihar Bohannon, better known as Naz, plays football and basketball for the Titans. 

His playing on the football field is getting attention from Ohio State and Michigan State. On the basketball court he helped the team win 25 straight games last season. But his leadership skills are getting attention from his peers, teachers, and coaches.

"He's a born leader he does leadership things. He's intense he has charisma but most importantly he's our student-athlete," said assistant basketball coach Matthew Kielian.

Succeeding as a student of the early college program education is first for Naz.

"You are not going to play football or basketball forever and the ball stop bouncing, so if you can get to a school with a degree and once you graduate you can be set for life and that's the big picture. You have to be successful in life first before sports," said Naz.

In the future Naz wants to become a chemical engineer.