Athlete of the week: Nathan Chapple, of Solon

Posted at 11:00 PM, Jan 19, 2016

Most high school boys play traditional sports like football and basketball. But not sophomore Nathan Chapple of Solon High School.

Nathan is a figure skater and he is on the ice six days a week. He trains three days a week at 6 a.m. before school.

"I was a competitor myself. I competed in nationals, so that's my goal for Nathan - to get him to nationals as well," said Nathan's head skating coach Sherry Marvin. "He's a really nice, coachable skater. He's really a passionate skater. You can always count on him to be ready and willing to go."

Nathan has been a champion in his freestyle event representing Solon High School for the past two years. But he also is a member of the marching and concert band, and the track team. Nathan's hard work is now the blueprint for his future.

"I want to be a skating coach and a businessman or an entrepreneur," Nathan said.