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Guy gets hit by car in a failed stunt for the ‘In My Feelings' challenge

NTSB warns against challenge last week
Posted at 11:57 AM, Jul 30, 2018

It’s one of the latest challenges to hit the web—the “In My Feelings” challenge.

The dance videos—started by @theshiggyshow—show people jumping out of a car and dancing alongside the moving vehicle to Drake’s song “In My Feelings.”

Last week, the National Transportation Safety Board issued a warning against the latest trend, stating “distraction kills.”

This recent video is going viral and shows just how dangerous the challenge can be.  The video, uploaded by Jaylen Norwood, shows Norwood doing the challenge just before being struck by a car.

The NOW spoke with Norwood, who said it was a staged incident gone wrong. He said he was supposed to jump on the hood of his friend’s car and continue to dance; however, he says he slipped on oil, which caused him to fall, before he was hit.



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