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Need a digital detox? These places offer discounts to disconnect

Posted at 4:01 PM, Oct 22, 2018

How long do you think you can go without checking your phone? If you think you can go a few days, it could save you some cash.

Some hotels are offering discounts if you lock up your electronics.

The James Nomad Hotel in New York City just started a program where guests can save 10 percent off every night that they don’t use their phones. Guests hand over their devices to the front desk at check-in.

If you're not completely comfortable giving up your phone for days at a time, there are still other ways to do a digital detox. 

The website shows you the different places around the world where you can stay that offer a “digital cleansing” experience. Some places allow you to disconnect simply by being surrounded by nature, while other hotels offer a tech-free experience. That means no WIFI, phone or TV.

If the temptation to pull your cell phone is too tempting, there are places that have no cell reception.  You can still take out your smartphone to take photos, but you’d have to wait to upload them once you get a connection.

If those measures are too drastic for you, there are places that offer discounts just for locking up your phone during dinner.