2 overturned semis snarl freeways downtown

CLEVELAND - An overturned semi-closed I-90 westbound at I-77 southbound as crews worked to flip the semi back over and remove it from blocking traffic.

Originally, two overturned semis closed I-77 northbound to I-90 eastbound and I-90 westbound to I-77 southbound Thursday morning but the second semi was removed from the road, according to Cleveland fire officials.

Two semis were involved, a semi carrying coils and another truck carrying coal caused the closures, according to spokesperson Amanda McFarlan, of the Ohio Department of Transportation.

The semi carrying coils was turned over upright but the one carrying coals is still on its side, according to ODOT.

As of 2:35 p.m. the I-90 westbound ramp to I-77 southbound has re-opened, officials said.

Some areas remain closed.

Cleveland police said traffic is being diverted to E.14th Street as clean up at the scene could take up to 1-2 hours.

HAZMAT crews are heading to the scene due to small diesel leak on the road.

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