Parma potholes: Your complaints, action taken

Posted at 5:53 PM, Feb 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-16 18:16:40-05

NewsChannel 5 is committed to helping you during pothole season. Our Pothole Patrol is roaming your streets, addressing the areas you're concerned about, and getting answers.

One of our viewers told us about Pleasant Valley Road in Parma. We checked it out and drivers told us the potholes are a pain. 

"The roads are absolutely appalling," said Carolynn Marek. She takes care of a couple of elderly women off of Pleasant Valley Road. She said she sees potholes a lot. "When you're dodging (them) and you've got people around you and then I'm watching (my clients) inside the car. It's very difficult," Marek explained.

It's a rough road in many areas between Broadview Road and State Road.  "You might hit your car badly or sometimes you want to change the lane because of the hole.," driver Mohammad Gulistan said.

Within minutes of telling the city of Parma about Pleasant Valley complaints, Streets Supervisor Dean Toth met up with us.  He had a crew filling a massive hole right away.

Toth told us the milder winter has allowed the city to catch up on potholes.  They're not nearly as bad as years past. Last year, we told you about problems on Ridgewood near Walmart, but now that whole stretch has been paved. No more potholes there.

Are there any repaving plans for Pleasant Valley? "It is addressed either next year or the year after," said Toth.  We told him for some drivers it won't be soon enough.  "Even the plow drivers, they don't even like it. They get out there and it just beats their brains in."

For Marek, it's her car that's getting the beating. "I have a fairly new car and it feels like everything is falling apart," Marek told us.

Toth went on to say that as soon as crews are done plowing the city for snow, they will use the second shift to fill in potholes.

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